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Groceries to buy when you are in Queensland

If you are an Asian living in Queensland, you know how hard and expensive it is to find an Asian food store which stocks almost all kind of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi food items, groceries, and spices.

You can also find special varieties of lentils like whole black lentils to make Dal Bukhara, cleaned black lentils to make dosa, idli, etc. Paneer is an everyday ingredient to have in a refrigerator, easy to cook and digest. Ghee is another dairy product that is pretty difficult to find in regular stores. If you a vegan, you can also find ghee made with vegetable oil.

Pulses and lentils are a staple food in India, Bangladesh like countries. Several of these pulses can be found in regular stores in Australia but In Asian food stores, you can find it ata reasonable price.

Most Asian grocery stores stock a vast selection of Indian snacks such as aloo bhujia, spiced chickpeas, bhelpuri, churmuri, etc. Most of the Indian groceries have an aisle dedicated to snacks from India. Rose water is a staple in Indian, Bangladesh, Pakistani cooking especially to make Biriyani, Desserts, Lassi, etc. Kewra, screw pine or pandanus blossom water is a quintessentially Indian ingredient with a beautiful essence. It can be added in desserts or North Indian Cuisine such as Biriyani, Pulaos or to flavor meat stews..