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What you can expect from Indian Spice Shop

India is the land of spices. When you think of Indian cuisine, the thing that comes in mind, the flavorful aroma, the color and the mouth-watering taste of Indian delicacies.

You can get spices such as cumin, mustard, turmeric, chili, coriander, pepper, green cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and star anise easily in any random spice shop. But, to get the nutmeg, caraway seeds, saffron, and rosewater for your Biriyani or tamarind for making an Indian curry, you have to visit Indian spice shop in Brown Plains. A specialized mixture of spices commonly known as Garam Masala in India is a go-to spice for almost all kind of Indian recipes, can only be found in Indian spice stores.

In Indian grocery stores, you can find different types of rice such as Basmati, long-grained fragrant rice that is used to make Biriyani, Pulao, etc. or Idli rice, short-grained rice, used to make the batter for Idli, a South-Indian delicacy.

Lentils and Beans are a major part of Indian dishes and used as the only sources of protein for a sizeable amount of people. Since a huge part of Indians are vegetarian and solely dependent on lentils and beans to take up protein. You can everything at the Indian spice shop in Brown Plains and make your kitchen aromatic with all kinds of Indian dishes.